Keep Your Trees in Tip-Top Shape

Ask a tree health consultant & certified arborist in Midland, TX if your trees are healthy

Every tree is unique in the way it grows, so if you're not sure about a tree on your property in the Midland, TX area, turn to a professional arborist who knows how best to care for it. The experts at Tree Health can tell you if your trees are healthy, and recommend a course of action if they aren't.

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Catch minor issues before they become big problems

Time is of the essence when it comes to problematic trees. But by hiring a professional arborist to detect any problems early, you can keep disease from spreading and reduce the chance that your tree will fall.

Our routine consultation services include:

Species identification
Tree spraying
Cabling and bracing
Tree structure evaluations
Dormant oil sprays
Organic deep root soil fertilization
Systemic treatments for pest prevention
Foliar Feed

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